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for Prevention

Promoting Health Through Prevention in Los Angeles County

 Volume 8, Number 2   March-April 2018
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Achieving Optimal Health for All Angelenos: An Interview with
Dr. Barbara Ferrer

At her one-year anniversary as the Director of Public Health (DPH), Dr. Ferrer discusses her plans for addressing disparities in the rates of infant mortality and sexually transmitted infections, as well as potential roles primary care providers can play in addressing health equity. READ MORE


New CDC Recommendations: Perinatal Hepatitis B, Herpes Zoster Vaccine, and Vaccination during Mumps Outbreaks

DPH’s Vaccine Preventable Disease Program experts highlight three significant new recommendations related to maternal and infant hepatitis B screening and vaccination, preventing shingles with the new recombinant herpes zoster vaccine, and the provision of an additional dose of mumps vaccine during an outbreak.  READ MORE


LA County Regional Antibiogram - A New Tool for Antibiotic Stewardship

DPH has created the first community antibiogram to describe countywide patterns of antimicrobial resistance. Possible uses in health care settings include informing empiric therapy selection, guiding antimicrobial selection in serious infections, and informing prescribing guidelines. Clinicians are encouraged to provide feedback on how to make this antibiogram more useful.  READ MORE


New Breast Health “Don’ts” Added to Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely recommendations now include several society recommendations of practices to avoid in the management of benign breast disease and breast cancer screening. An updated table summarizing Choosing Wisely Women’s Health Care “Don’ts” is included in this article.  READ MORE


DPH Health Professionals’ Web Portal

This website is for LA health professionals to easily access the most commonly requested local public health resources. The portal includes quick links on how to report diseases, consult DPH specialists, access CME/webinars, subscribe to LAHAN, work for DPH, and more.  VIEW WEB PORTAL


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Rx for Prevention, 2018

Published: March 15, 2018


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