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for Prevention

Promoting Health Through Prevention in Los Angeles County

 Volume 7, Number 3   September-October 2017
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Influenza: Time to Start Vaccinating

Seasonal influenza activity in Los Angeles County has begun. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released this year's influenza vaccine recommendations and health care providers are asked to begin vaccinating now. This brief summarizes key recommendations for vaccination in LA County, including the local Health Officer Order for annual influenza vaccination or masking of health care personnel.  READ MORE


The Choosing Wisely Campaign

This physician-led campaign aims to reduce the use of unnecessary medical care through evidence-based recommendations and conversations between providers and patients. Learn about the campaign, local initiatives, and resources for patients and providers.  READ MORE


HIV Prevention with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis [1 credit free CME available]

PrEP, the newest addition to the HIV prevention toolbox, has been shown to decrease the risk of HIV acquisition by up to 99%. This article, with FAQs, is designed to provide primary care providers with the knowledge and confidence to prescribe PrEP to their patients at high risk for HIV.  READ MORE


Recognizing and Managing Mumps in Adults [1 credit free CME available]

The recent mumps outbreak in LA County serves as a reminder that sporadic mumps outbreaks continue to occur and that clinicians should keep mumps in their differential when evaluating patients. This article reviews the epidemiology, presentation, work-up, and management of mumps in adults.  READ MORE


Health Brief Released: “Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Among Women"

This brief examines trends and disparities in health insurance coverage and access to care among women in LA County before and after implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  READ MORE



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Rx for Prevention, 2017

Published: September 22, 2017


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