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Promoting Health Through Prevention in Los Angeles County

 Volume 7, Number 2   July-August 2017
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Preventing Zika Virus Infection and its Consequences: Update and Guidance for Clinicians [1 credit free CME available]

As summer begins, Zika associated risks will increase in LA County. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified our county as one of the U.S. jurisdictions at highest risk for an outbreak.  READ MORE


Increased Coccidioidomycosis (“Valley Fever”) in Los Angeles County

The number of reported coccidioidomycosis cases in LA County and other California counties was increased in 2016. It is important for LA County providers to be familiar with this infection.  READ MORE


Diabetes and Prediabetes: Screening Guidelines and the Expansion of the National Diabetes Prevention Program in Los Angeles County

In LA County, it is estimated that 40% of adults have prediabetes and that the majority are undiagnosed. Primary care providers are encouraged to screen at risk persons for abnormal blood glucose and refer patients with prediabetes to local evidence-based lifestyle change programs such as the National Diabetes Prevention Program.  READ MORE


Health Brief Released “Recent Trends in Health Insurance Coverage”

This report shows a dramatic decline in the percentage of adults in the county without health insurance after the Affordable Care Act was implemented in California; however, large disparities in coverage persist.  READ MORE


Mumps Outbreak in Adults in Los Angeles County

There is currently an outbreak of mumps in adults in LA County. Many of the cases were initially misdiagnosed. The June 1 Los Angeles Health Alert Notification provides a situation report and recommended action steps.  READ MORE



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Rx for Prevention, 2017

Published: July 29, 2017