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Print Materials on Cannabis and Antibiotic Awareness

January-February 2018

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Locations Providing Medical Marijuana Identification Cards


Locations Providing Medical Marijuana Identification Cards

Flyer listing the locations where medical marijuana identification card services are offered.

2 sided flyer

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Published 12/17

  Responsible use cannabis


Responsible Use of Cannabis

Information to help users avoid harming themselves and others. 

3 sided flyer 

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Published 10/17

  Cannabis youth fact sheet


Youth and Cannabis

Information on the influence of cannabis on the body and brain and how it can affect educational and professional goals. 

2 sided flyer 

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Published 10/17

  California Cannabis Health Information: Frequently Asked Questions


Let’s Talk Cannabis California Cannabis Health Initiative: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs with answers to questions about health, safety, and legal issues related to cannabis.

5 sided flyer 

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Published 10/17

See the Los Angeles County Let’s Talk Cannabis webpage for more information, including other fact sheets on:

Medicinal Cannabis

What's Legal for Adult-Use

Adult-Use Cannabis Penalties

Medicinal-Use Cannabis Penalties

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding – for patients

Pregnancy and breastfeeding - for health care providers

Parent and Mentor Fact Sheet  


Antibiotic Awareness

  Antibiotics Awareness trifold brochure


Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer - for patients

Describes what antibiotics do and don’t treat, side-effects, antibiotic resistance and provides tips on how to stay healthy.

Trifold brochure in English and Spanish

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  Prescription pad for symptom relief


Prescription pad: Symptom Relief for Viral Illnesses - for providers

Information for patients on diagnosis, symptom relief and follow-up instructions for viral infections.

Tear off pad in English and Spanish

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  Antibiotics Aren't Always the Answer poster


Poster: Take a Stand Against Antibiotics Resistance - for providers

This poster aims to remind healthcare providers when antibiotics aren’t necessary, and to provide them with a reference to help explain to patients why they do not need an antibiotic prescription.

15x24” poster double sided in English/Spanish

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