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Rx for Prevention is Back!

Message from the Editors

May-June 2017

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We are very pleased to present to you this inaugural digital issue of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s publication Rx for Prevention. The publication is intended for physicians and other health care providers practicing in LA County. Our objective is to provide you information on important public health issues that have relevance to your work. Rx for Prevention articles cover a broad array of topics, including chronic disease, injury and violence, substance use disorders, environmental health, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases of public health interest. A new focus this year will be coverage of health policy issues with public health implications that may impact your practice or the health of your patients. We will seek to ensure that articles include clear steps to apply directly to your clinical practice and/or to support action at a community or policy level.   

We recognize how busy you are and will take great pains to ensure that the articles we share are relevant and readable. We are planning six issues this year, each with 2-3 feature articles and additional brief updates. We welcome your feedback on the content of the publication and any ideas you may have on topics to cover in the future. Please contact us at


Rx for Prevention Editors in Chief


Head shot of Dr Gunzenhauser

Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, MD, MPH
Medical Director and Interim Health Officer

Head shot of Dr Simon

Paul Simon, MD, MPH
Chief Science Officer